Ethnicity Pay Reporting – AAT response

Following on from the publication of the Ethnic Pay Gap by the Office of National Statistics, the AAT (Association of Accounting Technicians) has provided a response to the methodology used. Where it mirrors Gender Pay Gap and where it falls short. It also discusses the lessons that should be learned from the Gender Pay Gap reporting and how the same mistakes should be avoided.

To key take ways, apart from the statistical approaches, are:

1. Standardisation of data collection. This includes how Ethnicity groups are broken down and how to collect more robust data by not having an undeclared option.

2. As with the Gender Pay Gap reporting, it is just reporting. Should there be an accompanying action plan?

3. Regional discrepancies. Under representation in geographical area can skew the data. So should the Pay Gap include data referencing regions?

This is definitely a detailed a response and step forward in raising the profile of how Ethnicity impacts Pay and progression, so should be applauded. BUT, And its a very big but, will this be used to sweep the bigger issues under the carpet?

Have a read…

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