Ethnicity Pay Gap UK – ONS

The link for the recent report by the Office for National Statistics was released today (9 July 2029).

Read the full report here.

The main takeaways are…

Main points

• This report presents the first analysis of ethnicity pay gaps in Great Britain using newly reweighted earnings data from the Annual Population Survey.

• This new analysis shows that employees of Chinese, Indian and Mixed or Multiple ethnicity all had higher median hourly pay than White British employees in 2018; while employees in the Pakistani and Bangladeshi ethnic groups had lowest median hourly pay.

• In 2018, on average, employees from the Chinese ethnic group earned 30.9% more than White British employees; while employees from the Bangladeshi ethnic group, on average, earned 20.2% less than White British employees.

• The percentage difference in median hourly pay between people of a White ethnicity and all those who belong to an ethnic minority group is largest in London at 21.7%.

• The existing pay gap between White British and other ethnic groups is generally smaller for younger employees than it is for older employees.

• The ethnicity pay gap between White British employees and most other ethnic groups narrows once other characteristics such as education and occupation are taken into account, however, some significant gaps still remain, particularly for those born outside of the UK.

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