10 ways to see belonging as central to Equality, Diversity & Inclusion in 2021…

A great insight by Professor Amanda Kirby. “Successful inclusion leads to feelings of belonging.” Read more... https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/10-ways-see-belonging-central-equality-diversity-inclusion-kirby

After multiple reviews, it is time for a Race Equality Strategy to fundamentally change the system

All young people should be able to learn about trailblazers like John Archer, who was elected mayor of Battersea in 1913 to become the first Black mayor in London; Paul Stephenson, the brave leader of the Bristol Bus boycott, and Mary Seacole who set up the ‘British Hotel’ in 1855 behind the enemy lines of …

Racism, Racist, Systemic… a literal reminder.

A reminder that we need to reflect and re-engage with issues around race, racism and systemic issues that surround us all.

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