The Journey Begins…

Thanks for joining me!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


To be honest, the journey began before I was aware it had.

My journey began when I was born, I had no choice in that. I didn’t know I was different, why would I? I’m not special or should I say, not any less or more than anyone else.

It wasn’t until I was knocking on the door of five decades on this earth, that I realised that I had been treading tentatively on a path hidden amongst the weeds and ivy.

This year has been like an episode of “Death in Paradise” mashed up with “Columbo”.

Having lived in a predominantly “White British” area for the past 23 years of my professional life WE made the decision to move back to the area I grew up in.. my formative years, as you’d say. The issue of diversity in my personal and professional life wasn’t even on my radar. So much so I lived in a bubble where I genuinely and sincerely believe(d) that my aspirations were my limiting factor.. with a sprinkling of professional “developmental areas”. (Disclaimer: this does not excuse me or anyone from always striving for recognition through merit).

The area I grew up in IS a diverse part of the country. So you can imagine how much of a “smack in the face” type of shock it was when I realised that that diversity of thought hadn’t cracked any glass let alone any ceilings.

I’m NOT saying that I don’t see people of diversity in positions of responsibility, I do. What I don’t see is balance. That part is stark. Very stark. I didn’t look for it, in fact I’ve apparently spent most of life not even knowing it. You could call me privileged or lucky or naive or purposefully ignorant or just plain blind. Whichever way you take this but I definitely was not expecting it.

I’ve now been here for 10 months and I’m now at point where I really can’t “bystand” and feel against by better judgement, I must “upstand”.

I am a British Indian and I work in England. My chosen vocation is in Education and I am stunned by the picture in front of me.

Again thank you for hopefully joining me in my journey of positive disruption. I want to be part of something better.

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